Topic: Useful extensions - Session Buddy and Hover Zoom


I used these two extensions in Chrome and find them extremely useful.
Hover Zoom
Session Buddy

Hover Zoom is very useful for a high number of pictures around the internet and saves me a lot of time.

Session Buddy is a great tool for me because I tend to have sessions of pages for later reading and need a way to temporarily store them, and using bookmarks does not seem a good fit. Since it's only permission request is to read the user's history, I think it would be a fine addition given that if I accidentally close a tab in Epic or the browser crashes, all my tabs are gone. I've using pinned tabs, but it's very limited, imo.

Re: Useful extensions - Session Buddy and Hover Zoom

Hmmm... as much as I understand Epic's need for privacy, I think there do need to be a couple more extensions allowed off the bat, on top of the ones already offered.  Some security type ones such as Web of Trust, or Avira Browser Safety are VERY helpful in navigating the web in safety.  They show websites ratings; whether they are legitimate/good sites, or malware sites. 

And if exceptions are going to be made in regards to convenience, the above examples are really great (Hover Zoom, Session Buddy).  Another convenience extension I'd recommend is CleanSave (for turning web pages/articles into PDF form).  But at the very least I think extensions that are for safety/security are necessary, namely various password savers and the ones I am advocating, some sort of website review tool.

If Epic could integrate its own website rater that would be amazing.  Also, if Epic could integrate some sort of built in night mode, I think that would really bump up Epic's appeal!