Topic: Color changer extension

Greetings. I've recently switched to this browser and I am in love, but I was very disappointed to find that there is no extension which changes colors in websites. Some pages have black backgrounds and white letters- which is very harmful for your eyes and in my case- my eyes are so sensitive, that spending more than few minutes in such website causes me to experience vision impairment and horrible headaches.

In other browsers I used two kinds of extensions. One of those would allow the user to modify colors of every piece of the page, while another was intended specifically for eye protection and would invert the colors of the page.


Re: Color changer extension

Hi quaint,

Thanks for using Epic Privacy browser and writing us.

Extensions may leak your privacy, so we disabled extensions in Epic Privacy Browser. Though, we have a web store with few verified extensions.

Let us know what extensions you use, we will check those extensions if they are leaking any of your details and try to keep in our web store.

Re: Color changer extension

Please let us know the extensions you use and we can investigate them and potentially add them to our webstore!