Topic: Win Xp on EEEpc 901 unfindable

soo, i wanted to install epic browser on my laptop because im using it on my pc with win7 but i have the problem that i cant find epic anywhere, not in the system options/ software and i couldnt find it via windows search,  i allready looked around on the forum but only found other problems with it, so on win 7 it intalled without problems and it put it self in the taskbar and i could start it form there, on win xp i couldnt find it, so my theory ist tht you hide the data of epic somewhere where i cant find/access it, because on newer winOS's you can start it over the tak bar, because win xp dosn't have a task bar i cant find it,i also tryed to start it over winKey+R but couldnt start it and i couldnt access %appdat%/%localappdata% so please fix it or tell me the correct "name.exe" so that i cant start it over winKey+R or just publish a new version wich asks you after installing if it should be in the start menu yes or no


ps: please help me  quick

Re: Win Xp on EEEpc 901 unfindable

Chromium no longer supports XP so Epic won't work on XP even if you find it :-(. 

You may find it though you're right in %APPDATA% , then "Local", then "Epic Privacy Browser" then "Application".