Topic: EPIC Browser and VPN ( HMA )

Good day!

*LOVE* the browser.  I recommend the program to anyone who will listen!  Aside from the privacy, sooooo much faster than the browsers I'm use to.  (-:

Do have a question about the VPN service though.  I've recently started to use a VPN service because Epic only covers Epic's traffic, and I wanted a more secure system overall.  I run my VPN as a service, and now I'm using EPIC.

My VPN goes through California USA, the browser uses New York USA.  If I understand how things work, my VPN service is sending my browser info into California, but then it's going to New York where it finally goes live, correct?

The VPN should be invisible to the browser correct?  I've tried using web based traces to hunt down my real IP, but anything in Epic reports New York, everything outside of Epic reports the California IP, which is the way it's suppose to work.

Lastly, and this would never need to happen, I finally have a router with ww-drt which would allow me to route all traffic through the VPN.  How would that affect Epic?  I don't think there would be any bandwidth left if I ran 3 layers of VPN, I'm just wondering if the software of Epic with the hardware of my router would work.  I would think *Epic* would be inside either of the other two VPNs tunnel, but I thought I'd ask the experts.

And again, I know there's no 'real need' to do this, but it most likely 2 layers will happen on my system because it can.   (-:

Re: EPIC Browser and VPN ( HMA )

Hi Mike,

Great to hear how well Epic is working for you :-).

There's no problem at all running VPN layers and Epic, etc.  The only thing is that all the encryption may slow down your browsing speeds.

We wouldn't recommend HMA -- they track users and provide the data to various governments and have sent some of their users to jail.  Note, we'll be launching our own VPN service soon, which will be the first-ever VPN service from a company that's proven its trust (we've sacrificed our revenues in order to protect our users' privacy, just about every company around including HMA has done the exact opposite).

It's a great idea to use a VPN in your router btw...protects all your traffic without having to think about it.