Topic: Corporate Policy regarding the Proxy browsing

I got a complaint today from our IT, they have not yet reviewed Epic.

I briefly explained the benefits.  I will have to type up something and put in a request.

Most notable, I believe, is the proxy feature.  The version I had installed, until today ( I had to remove it ), appeared to properly honor our IT Policy which is enforced a variety of different ways. 

I did not know how exactly Epic is honoring our content / traffic filtering.  The proxy icon did not even appear.

I suspect it is because Epic's proxy service itself is blocked.  Please let me know how this works exactly, was it a windows policy or because of the block of your proxy.

NOTE:  I do not intend to defeat the corporate policy, and I want it to be honored ( so I can benefit from all the other security features )

I need the details so I can satisfy the pro's.  Whatever you are doing is fine.  How exactly, and will it stay that way. ?

Re: Corporate Policy regarding the Proxy browsing

Not sure why the proxy icon disappeared?  Has it come back?

The proxy does let you bypass any corporate network content filtering/blocked websites, etc. so that your employer can't track you.