Topic: OS X problems

So far everything is fairly good in the update. I did notice that gestures don't work in the trackpad. Also the save password is non functional and the page size seems to be smaller. I tried to reset everything to 125 or 150 % but it has to be done every time. It's probably something that could be checked out.

Re: OS X problems


We actually blocked saving your page magnification settings on different websites so the 125%/150% zoom levels will no longer get saved -- we felt they represented a privacy leak so we no longer save that setting for particular websites. 

Did gestures in the trackpad used to work in Epic?  Which gestures? 

The saving password is getting fixed imminently -- it's buggy in some systems and we may need a keychain permission -- we'll be updating with a fix in the next few days.

Re: OS X problems

New update released.  Password saving is fixed.  Default browser issue is still a bug in progress -- not sure why the url isn't getting passed to Epic, may be a chromium issue.

To get the latest update, please close and re-open Epic.