Topic: Three bugs on Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)

I downloaded the new version of Epic this morning on a Mac Mini running OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4, and immediately noticed three problems:

1) Not only had all my bookmark icons disappeared, but Epic was not storing icons even when I navigated to the associated sites.

2) Passwords for sites were not being saved, even though Epic prompted to save those passwords.

3) Even though I set Epic as my default browser, links within email messages and documents would open Epic, but Epic would not actually go those sites.

Just thought you should know.  Thanks.

Re: Three bugs on Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)

We'll working on not deleting the bookmark icons again...we've gone back and forth on this as sometimes the icons are stored in browsing data so they get deleted on close.

We've got a fix coming for the password saving issue. 

Yes, Epic as a default browser is not getting the links from OSX for some reason -- we're working on a fix for this.

Thanks as always for reporting the bugs and your feedback.  We're working on solving all these issues we hope in a few days or sooner!!

Re: Three bugs on Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)

Mostly fixed :-D!  Password and bookmark issues are solved with a new update out tonight.  We haven't yet solved the default browser issue -- it may be related to chromium, we're working on it.

To get the latest Epic, please close & re-open Epic to get a notice to download the update.  Thanks as always for reporting issues & for your support!!

Re: Three bugs on Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)

I also reported the passwords and the favicon problem and I also updated the browser per the instructions in this thread-- the passwords work now, and the favicons appear in the tabs of sites I visit, but all my bookmarks still just a generic page icon, including sites I bookmarked after I installed the update.

Re: Three bugs on Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)

We are working on the favicon.