Topic: Password/Gestures trackpad

The browser is great!
A couple small problems. In OS X 10.11.4 the trackpad gestures are not functional except for scrolling and the password utility works on the Macbook Air but not on the desktop. I am sure it is a simple fix but I haven't figured it out out. Perhaps a keychain setting? Please advise.

Re: Password/Gestures trackpad

Please let us know which trackpad gestures used to work and are not working now.

We're working on a fix for users suffering from passwords not saving -- yes, related to the keychain ;-). 

Stay tuned, thanks as always for the feedback & reporting the issues...fix coming!

Re: Password/Gestures trackpad

Password and other issues are solved.  Not sure if the whole trackpad issue is solved -- some trackpad gestures may be related to chromium issues.

Thanks so much as always for letting us know of bugs in Epic...helps us fix them!! 

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