Topic: New Epic version has flaws

Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit)  when using cmd-W: instead of closing a tab it closes the whole browser. Very annoying.

Also, videos such as flash won't play.

Re: New Epic version has flaws

On which websites does flash not work?

We're working on a fix for the cmd-w issue. 


Re: New Epic version has flaws

alok_epicteam wrote:

On which websites does flash not work?

Hi, on many ones. It's a bug with the browser. It needs to be closed and reloaded several times, to activate video, to load ads blocker, to activate Flash plugin, etc.
Each tab uses a maximum of RAM, that's totally crazy.
Have a look :

PunBB bbcode test

How many “Epic Helpers” does it need for just six tabs ?!

Re: New Epic version has flaws

Epic Helpers are various Epic features that run as separate processes.  It's so Epic runs smoother and doesn't hang your system.

We just launched a new update to the update which hopefully corrects this issue of the videos not playing and ad blocker and other issues -- when you install the update, Epic will reset its features so everything works fine.  We've also added a new "reset epic" button at the bottom of the settings page you can try anytime as well.

Cmd w to close the tab and Cmd-shift-w to close the window has been fixed! 

Thanks for your support & help!!  Close & re-open Epic to get the notification to update.