Topic: hyperlinks don't work (being approved)

From within Thunderbird / Postbox on 3 different versions of MACOS on 3 different devices.

The symptoms are the same. The Epic browser opens, but the URL is blank and not carried through.

I saw reference to this in google someone saying the same thing months ago where they also state that visited sites are stored in a cache file -- which as they rightly pointed out; blows the mission statement out of the water if that has continued like the none working hyperlinks has continued.

Very critical opening post. Apologies for that, but may as well cut to the chase and state clearly when basic functionality does not work.

Hopefully there's a fix, and I can persist with trying this out or its back to a previous browser.

Thanks in advance.

Re: hyperlinks don't work (being approved)

Sorry about that's something in the Mac that the links don't get transferred, not sure how it got broken (weird things are going on with the latest Mac OSes).  We know it's very annoying, but we haven't found an easy it'll be fixed with a complete release, hopefully early next year.

In the meantime, please manually copy / paste links...sorry for the inconvenience, but your privacy is worth it!!

Re: hyperlinks don't work (being approved)

Any update on this Alok? Very annoying. Privacy is worth it and appreciate the work you're doing. You need to get this fixed.

Re: hyperlinks don't work (being approved)

Hi Rick, we should have this fixed sometime the next 2-4 weeks.  Sorry for the delay!