Topic: Epic Browser is getting slower and slower

It is ridiculous how slow this browser has become. It has taken 3 to 4 minutes to get to this forum.
I've got Win 10, I know it is much slower than Win 7 which I had previously and Epic was great with  Win 7. Now tabs often take ages to load and sometimes they don't load at all, or i give up waiting.

I have been seriously thinking of looking for a new browser but I have just had a thought -

Is it possible that Microsoft is causing these problems because I have set Epic as my default browser?

I could change the default settings as a test but I would like some expert opinions before I do, as I have a strong dislike of Microsoft.

I look forward to any help from you experts.


Re: Epic Browser is getting slower and slower

Is your epic browser is running slow while opening web pages.Don't worry.It is happening to every one.This unusually slow speed of loading web pages on epic happens when you use a proxy server.This is supposed to occur since the proxy server is overloaded.By setting new proxy servers by the team you can feel new experience.This problem is not your own.It happens to every one.For further details you can refer write my paper and can find more solutions.

Re: Epic Browser is getting slower and slower

i have nothing constructive to say other than i feel your epic has been slower last few weeks too.

Re: Epic Browser is getting slower and slower

Sorry about any slowness.  Yes, we do keep adding new proxy servers as well as updating Epic to keep it as lean and fast as possible.  Do keep letting us know if there are any issues -- it helps us keep Epic "epic"!