Topic: Parts of a website not loading

First, thanks for creating a browser that respects our privacy.  I started having a problem about a month ago, but just now getting on here to seek help.  On some websites, specifically, the stuff down the left side of the webpage displays properly, as does the header across the top of the page.  But the main "section" of the page will not display.  So if I search for something, I don't see any any of the results.  To make things more strange, if I click on one of the blog entries listed on the left side, then it will display that in that main section.  But if I choose one of the tab buttons across the top, nothing shows in the main section, just like if I search.  I hope this makes sense.  Page loads fine on Chrome incognito window, but I'd much rather use epic.  As I said, this started a month or so ago.  Since other sites load normally, I'm assuming it's the way the website is set up to display - width of the section or something - but since it works in Chrome, thought I'd post to get help.  Probably an easy solution, but I can't find it.  Thanks in advance.

Re: Parts of a website not loading

Sorry extratorrent works fine for us but a few users are having problems...any ideas what's going on?!  We have a new update out next month (April)...that may fix them.