Topic: I don't want to search from the address bar (being approved)

There seems to be almost no customization available for your browser, I cannot find anything that will allow me to customize it. For instance, I don't want to search everytime I put something in the address bar. Especially when I put a URL in there, I don't want to search for that URL. This to me is just a massive oversight, why would I want to search every single time I type in there, it's utterly maddening for me and makes your browser unusable.

Also I cannot change default search engine to use, if you can't get that for some reason I understand, but please at least let us put addresses in the address bar without using your search engine. I just want to go to the page, this is all and a very basic thing.

I have other complaints but they are minor and completely pointless in me trying to figure them out if I can't fix the big issue of searching every single time I put anything in the address area. Fix this or no one will use this IMO. No amount of privacy is worth having to load an extra page and having to input more commands for every single webpage that I want to go to. Not worth it.

Re: I don't want to search from the address bar (being approved)

This is a strange bug...urls should go to the url not to search in general.  Not sure what's going on, but it's not normal Epic behavior.