Topic: Help with Chrome


I use 2 browsers on my computer. 1) Epic and 2) IE on video sites for example I have the Epic browser configured with the default settings. The last month I noticed more and more my google web page no longer takes a long time to open - the proxy connects fast. Today, I clicked on who is tracking me and Google through Chrome is saving my personal data, offline data, searches and browsing history.

I uninstalled Epic. Cleaned the computer with CC Cleaner. Then re-installed and of course my history was still in my system so all my saved web sites returned. How do I stop Chrome from tracking me? Must I turn on the umbrella for each and every web site? Is there more I should do?


Re: Help with Chrome

Chrome was tracking your browsing in Epic?  That shouldn't be possible. 

In Epic, for maximum privacy do keep the proxy on and also in the Settings disable plugins or set them to click to play. 

If you're using Chrome, there's no way to stop them from tracking you -- no matter how many settings or options you disable or addons you install, your browsing will invariably go through something Google owns or runs.