Topic: Epic Browser crashing


It appears to be random. I am using the browser doing whatever, and it just stops responding. Period. I can't even close it. Have to use task manager to do so. It started happening when I was trying to edit a bookmark.  But now happens randomly when I am using the browser.

Re: Epic Browser crashing

This is a random issue we're having with Win10 I believe. 

Do this and it should solve it.

In Epic's settings at the bottom, click on "Advanced"...then scroll to "Hardware Acceleration".  Uncheck it.

That should solve the closing Epic and other random misbehaving...something in a Win10 update has upset chromium :-(...

Re: Epic Browser crashing

Epic Privacy Browser is a great Search engine but there's one problem that keeps bothering & that is whenever I try to log in to certain websites like <> or convert a YouTube music clip or video by "YouYube to mp3 converter" the screen will lock up on me or show a spinning wheel or even at times show me some kind of a virus warning & I know it's all B.S. but the only thing I can do over & over is to restart my PC. This has become very bothersome to me & I know there must be a solution? If anybody could give me some feedback on this issue I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you...