Topic: Epic not working in Win 10

No matter what URL I go to my screen displays "Aw Snap Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.

Any Ideas?

Re: Epic not working in Win 10

Strange!!  You're probably low on RAM, that's why no webpage can render.  That's my first guess.

Re: Epic not working in Win 10

I have been getting this problem now for weeks it's not a ram problem with me as I have 32gb of it. it is a problem with the browser and admin need to get this fixed once and for all.

Re: Epic not working in Win 10

I've also been having issues with Windows 10 (twin xeon and 48GB ram in machine). 

At times the browser 'locks' and I just get a 'ding' sound on clicking on the open window, I tried ALT TAB to see if there is another active Epic Window but if there is a pop-up behind the main windows I can't find it and have to resort to Task Manager and killing Epic.