Topic: Problem with "portable" Epic Browser

I am using 2 systems, win 10 64bit for video editing and win 8.1 x86 for music producing, so all my programs are portable except for music and video.
I've copied-pasted a fresh installation of Epic like I've seen in forum, but there's a problem, it is still using the user folder of windows.
So it don't keep my bookmark list when I swich between x86 and 64bit windows, and if I take my Epic on a flash drive to share some stuff I've found on the web, it don't work neither.
I do not want install extension that record bookmark online with a corporate business service.

When I open two instance of it at the same time if I put on or off/on the VPN only on one, it's doing the same on the other.

I am also wondering why didn't you choose to build only a full portable version instead of an installed one.
I think intalling a program on windows let trace in the register, so it's less secure than a portable one at this level.

In anyway I am still using your program, before I was on Dragon Comodo with disconnect Me, Privacy Badger, Google Do Not Track Me, Ublock Origin ect... I've keep one portable version of it to grabs video and sounds (facebook, bandcamp,) with Video Download Helper, and for using Pandora with a proxy in France in a separate instance of a chromium type browser.

Also, I would like to be abble to change the defaut search, because it is using your proxy, and give only US result, or may be do an option to change search country in your proxy ?!

In anyway, thx for your good work big_smile

Re: Problem with "portable" Epic Browser

Thanks so much!!  Sorry about the portable issues...yes moving Epic out of the APPDATA folder may have some slight issues...

We at present don't support more search engines because no other search engine in the world is private the way is :-D.  So for privacy, you need to use can click on bing or google from there though.