Topic: Resetting Epic

Will resetting Epic Privacy Browser delete all of my bookmarks and passwords?

Because my Epic Privacy Browser's Umbrella Button isn't working on my browser and I want to reset Epic.

But I feel if I do that then I'll lose all of my bookmarks and passwords on this browser.

So can I get a confirmation that if reset Epic that it won't delete my bookmarks and passwords.

Please and Thanks in advance.

Re: Resetting Epic

You will not lose your bookmarks and passwords if you reset Epic!  Don't worry.

That said, Xmarks is in Epic's extension store and a great way to backup / store bookmarks!

You can also always backup your passwords in Epic too or use one of the password managers in the app store. 

Here are instructions on backing up both:
Backup Passwords & Bookmarks.  Open a window navigator, then type %localappdata% and press return. Then open the “Epic Privacy Browser” folder, then open the “User Data” folder, then open the “Default” folder.  Then copy the files (not the folders) in the “Default” folder — particularly “Bookmarks” “Bookmarks.bak” “Login Data” “Login Data.journal” “TransportSecurity” “Preferences” and any other files there.  Copy those files into some safe folder on your system!!