Topic: "lookup limit has been reached"

I just installed Epic and turned on the proxy.  I then went to who reported that my IP was now from a different country (which is good). 

Then I decided to try the other country choices in the proxy, and after a few tests, I got the message: 

You have viewed this page 5 times.
Your lookup limit has been reached.

Just curious how is able to fingerprint my browser? 

I deleted my cookies, restarted Epic, but still got the same message.

So they *are* tracking me when I am using Epic.  But how?

Re: "lookup limit has been reached"

They are probably tracking you via your IP address.  Since all Epic users use shared IP addresses, multiple Epic users may have accessed that site and they may have perceived it as some kind of abuse or dos attack and blocked one or more of our IPs, hence the blocking. 

I'm doubtful that they're using fingerprinting to track you.