Topic: Search engine results russian and spanish instead of english


Finally I decide to take a look at Epic to have more privacy.
Chromium base was nice also.

The only point (right now ;-) ) is that the search engine is so strange!
I never found what I'm searching for and if I compare to google search and even duckduckgo or Bing there's a big difference!!

All my result are not accurate (if I compare) and more often in Russian or Spanish!

I want result in english or french.

I tried to find some settings but never found something to change that ...

Can you explain what's wrong?
What can I do?

I don't have this problem with other browser like safari, firefox, Tor, ...

I'm running Epic on a Mac.

Waiting for your help!

And, by the way, sorry for the errors in english I'm french speaking.

Best regards