Topic: epic browser tabs often freeze since windows 10 big update

I'm pretty sure that it was ever since the windows 10 update 15/8/2017 that epic privacy browser tabs and window often freezes. Unable to close window without shutting down.  I've been able to  open a new window and work with that one, but eventually have to shut down to close the frozen window.

I've tried to pinpoint when it happens. It is not any particular site, It seems to happen when clicking on various (no one particular) bookmark folder, while searching for a bookmark.

I've noted that many others have had same problem with chrome & edge browsers. There have been reports of fixes for for chrome, but I avoid using other than epic browser, so I've no 1st hand experience regards them.

I don't know if this is relevant but for months now, the bookmark manager has not functioned  properly.  It stopped scrolling down after a certain number of book marks.   I seem to have solved that problem by deleting some & moving some of them to a new folder.

There does not  to be any other epic users reporting tab/window freezes, so I don't know what I can do to fix my problem.

I hope someone can help.