Topic: Help -- Epic won't open but also can't uninstall (being approved)

Seriously need help. If I click the Epic icon anywhere on my computer and try to open it, I briefly see the spinny "loading" mouse icon and then nothing happens. I have tried opening it from all different places such as the taskbar, programs menu, and even clicking the .exe itself.

However if I try to uninstall it (in hopes of someday reinstalling) it still fails me. Every single time i get the same error message:
"IDS_BROWSER_WINDOW_TITLE_FORMAT          Please close all Epic Privacy Window and try again." Only option then is to click OK and be back to square one.

I have tried to search for Epic Processes somewhere deep in the Task Manager but they are absolutely, positively nowhere to be found at all.

Please, please help. I just want to use Epic Again.


Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surfacebook