Topic: Problem with installation on Win 10: Assertion (Assert) Failed

Team, hoping all is well. I had installed Epic but some days ago I got this pop-up saying:
Assertion (Assert) failed!
Program C:\Users\Cecil\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Installer\EpicUpdate.exe
File: net\
Line: 509
I prefet to reinstall it. Now, I got the same pop-up. When I click "Ignore", it continues and finished the installation, but nothing happens.
Any recommendation? Thanks in advance,

Re: Problem with installation on Win 10: Assertion (Assert) Failed

Not sure what's happened. 

You can try uninstalling Epic again, then deleting the Epic folder, then re-installing.  When installing Epic, be sure to be connected directly to a modem with a good connection.

To delete the Epic folder, in a Windows Navigator window type %localappdata% then delete the Epic Privacy Browser folder.

Upon installation go back to that folder and see if a .exe file is anywhere inside.