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So far i was not able to load these pages properly. While the same websites load correctly in Google Chrome

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Thanks - (incidentally I love theoatmeal - been working too much & hadn't checked it in quite a while!)

For - it's an issue with https
Click on the umbrella button, then turn off "Encrypted Data", then changed https into http! 
Sorry will remove it from our https list

I'm on a Mac right now but theoatmeal is fine for me and so is the microsoftvirtualacademy - though its live login page at first wasn't working but then started working?!  What's the problem you're seeing with both those sites?

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Those pages don't load for me either if I have global proxy enabled when I go to them.

Side note, I my email address kept coming up as spam when I tried to register for this forum and I had global proxy on. Turned it off, restarted epic and it worked.

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Ah yes, sorry, with the proxy on, the sites are not working.  Images aren't coming up.  Also a CSS error.  Will let our proxy provider know - thanks for the feedback & nice catch!!

Interesting regarding your email coming up as spam - our proxy IP may be on some spam lists now in case someone (hopefully no Epic user but someone in the past!!) has abused it, we'll ask our provider to rotate it -- thanks!

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First off I want to congratulate the entire team on an excellent browser. Very well done and thank you for all the hard work.

I have noticed that isn't loading properly when using the proxy (and I'd prefer to keep the proxy on if at all possible for the majority of my browsing). I'm also having trouble logging in to Feedly with the proxy on. This may be a function of the way the proxy works and not be resolvable, but if it's just a bug that can be fixed that would be awesome.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks - yes looks like css isn't working for slate on the proxy, & logging into feedly is having issues, I think because of the Google connect they're using.

We'll investigate - thanks so much for your support & letting us know of these issues!!!

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website do not load properly, epic serch is not open, browsinh very very slow.

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There has been a process of upgrade yesterday on our proxy servers. Please check now, we shall not see Epic search becoming slow.

Thank You

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duckduckgo doesn't work with epic browser - can somebody help, please?

Re: Websites do not load properly is loading fine for us!  What issue are you facing? 

If you mean you'd like to set it as your default search engine, we have not added it to our options as that would indicate we "trust" DuckDuckGo which based on our conversations with the company we are unable to do and thus never will be able to do. is at present the only truly private search engine in the world -- or the closest at least to true privacy -- so for your private searches we strongly recommend you stick to it :-D.