Topic: LastPass extension

Hi there.

What I understand is Epic is not allowing any extension being installed.

Somehow when I fire up Epic for the first time, Epic automatically recognize and activate the LastPass extension (from my Chrome installation).

I suspect this is a bug, no?

Anyway, keep up the good works guys! smile

Re: LastPass extension

Yes, bug!!  It should no longer happen with the update -- let us know if it does.

By the way, we are working on allowing a select set of very private extensions - feel free to nominate LastPass and any others.

Thanks so much for your support & feedback!!

Re: LastPass extension

I just updated Epic to 27.0.2442.0 (188037) but LastPass is still there.


Re: LastPass extension

Whoops, thanks for letting us know!!

Addons should no longer be able to get installed.  We believe all loopholes there have been closed. 

Sorry it's still there...if you'd like to get LastPass removed, let us know & we'll let you know how to do that!