Topic: IP is identified as spammer

Not sure where to post this but I just tried to sign up for this forum using Epic with the Proxy active and I got an error message (from the forum sign up form) that said the IP logged is identified as a spammer.

That's kind of funny.

Re: IP is identified as spammer what have you been up to???  Just kidding -- I'm assuming you're not a spammer. 

You probably got assigned an IP by your ISP that was used in the past by a spammer.  Your IP has probably gotten onto some spammers' database.  If they give dynamic IP addresses, your IP may change soon...if not, then let us know, and we'll figure out which database it is and help you try to get your IP removed from it!! 

Proxies get tons of spam/abuse - so our partner has implemented some kinds of checks.

Re: IP is identified as spammer

Ah, I see. The proxy server checked my actual IP and gave the error.

I am not a spammer but I found my son was doing some torrenting and my ISP gave me a couple of warnings. Would that have done it?

Re: IP is identified as spammer

Yes, that sounds like what's happened - though we haven't confirmed with our proxy provider yet but your message indicates thats what they're doing. 

I don't think any of those warnings should do get you onto a spam list. 

I think this is the biggest spam IP list, check your IP here (they should also give instructions on how to get your IP address removed):

Hope that helps - btw, nothing to worry about unless you're losing access to certain services (e.g. our proxy) and to some extent some emails you send may go to spamboxes (in case anyone tells you they're not getting your emails, that could be happening).

If you want your IP removed from our proxy services block list - I can send it to them for removal - please send it to me in an email, alok at hiddenreflex dot com