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Hi, I tried Epic browser once, but I didn't like it at all, so I decided to remove the browser from my PC (Win 7 user).
Though Epic was deleted, apparently that browser installed a Firefox plugin WITHOUT ASKING.
How can I delete that plugin?

Epic Update
File: noEpicUpdate3.dll
MIME: application/x-vnd.updates.epicbrowser.update3webcontrol.3, application/x-vnd.updates.epicbrowser.oneclickctrl.9

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Thanks for letting us know this.  If you have any feedback on why you didn't like Epic, do let us know of your experiences as well.

Sorry that that file isn't deleted - you're quite right it should have been via the uninstallation. 

We didn't install it as a FF plugin - we believe that Firefox picked it up somehow as a plugin on the system.  We don't install anything into Firefox (unless Chromium by default does something like that (which we don't think they do)).   

We're checking into this and any other files and will get back to you on what to do to make sure every last trace of Epic is gone -- stay tuned!  Thanks again for trying Epic and reporting this bug - we'll resolve it soon.

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Hi all, its issue concerning FireFox really, the same with Chorme, both still in use. I just have used Ccleaner to verify (Tools/Startup/Firefox), take a look below. I hope its helpful.

Plugin: Google Update
Google Inc. Session Firefox 24.0 C:\Programs Files\Google\Update\\npGoogleUpdate3.dll

Plugin: Google Update
Google Inc. default Firefox 24.0 C:\Program

Plugin: Epic Update
session Firefox 24.0
C:\Documents and settings\XXX\Local settings\Application data\Epic\Update\\npEpicUpdate3.dll

Plugin: Epic Update
default Firefox 24.0
C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Local settings\Application data\Epic\Update\\npEpicUpdate3.dll

LOL, I just have found Tiny Shredder (Tools/Startup/Context Menu) as active  after I uninstalled it, I desabled and deleted it, I'll wait some words of admin, take care

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Execuse me for the links please ... Here is a explanation
I think the same has occourred with Epic Browser

Removing the Google Update plugin … to-remove/

You may ask yourself what that has to do with Firefox, and the answer comes in the form of Firefox's default plugin locations. The browser scans locations on the computer and the Registry automatically for plugins and will add those to the browser automatically without first consulting the user about them (see How To Stop Automatic Plugin Installations In Firefox for a list of all locations).


I would really like to know why the plugin exists and why Google adds it to the Mozilla Plugins Registry listing. I can't really think of any logical explanation for it. If you know more, share your knowledge in the comments. We have not yet touched the question why users would want to remove it.

The first reason should be obvious: Since it is not really clear what it does and since there is no ill-effect to the browser after disabling it, it should not be included automatically. I would not go as far as to call it malicious, but it is definitely troubling.  Second, some Firefox users have experienced issues with the plugin in the past.

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How to Remove Google Update from Firefox
. … 46195.html

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Hi Tomcat!  Thanks so much -- superb work & super-helpful!!!!!

We were also discovering as much (and had suspected it as we haven't changed the usual chromium installer/updater omaha)!! 

We're working to see if we can remove the plugin, if it creates any issues -- since others seem to think it can be though it's strange chromium would leave it in if it had no use.

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Hi, thank you for answering.
I had to do the "uninstall" in a rough way: I went to "about:plugins", found the folder where Epic still was (ironically and innocently I thought I deleted everything from Epic browser when I unistalled it) and then I deleted the files manually — yes, files, plural. It wasn't only a .dll file, there were multiple files in the folder. Uninstalling the browser doesn't delete files, that's an awkward and disgustful uninstalling procedure, I think.
Again, thank you for answering to this topic, but honestly I don't want to hear about your browser again.

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Sorry for the problems & thanks for letting us know how you solved them. 

We should mark "beta" on our home page.  We don't know why chromium leaves its updater and other files and agree it's not a good uninstall & are working to fix it.  We'll try to get chromium itself changed. 

We've been working in browsers a long time, so all we can say is that if you're looking for a "perfect" browser, good luck -- there wouldn't be multiple browsers and we wouldn't be trying if there were such a product.  We know you have choices in terms of browsers, thanks for trying us & your feedback.  If you have any other issues or concerns, write us and we're here to help.