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I have downloaded and installed epic. I read the home page and it says that auto fill and suggest are kept on local data bases. What does this mean and how is this different than chrome.

My browser is also asking me if I would like to save passwords .. I thought Epic was supposed to remove this feature? Please help me understand.

Re: auto fill, auto suggest and passwords

Hi Alex,

Google Chrome's auto suggest is provided through their servers, which means every time you search, they provide the words that you need which allows them read your search behaviors and provide accordingly some ads, while Epic has everything built locally, so that it does not hit any servers.

For passwords prompting you can uncheck the "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web" in settings page.

Re: auto fill, auto suggest and passwords

Im so sorry to have posted twice. The first didnt seem to appear. Now here is my question. If I begin to type "epic" in the address bar it drops down as I am typing with suggestions .. so as I type Epic I get "economist" and a few other suggestions. If I begin to type in "foxnews" by the time I get to "fox" the drop down suggests "fox" It is indeed where I intend to go but I am assuming it makes this suggestion based on my previous visits to "foxnews"

Why should I be concerned? if someone comes on to my computer and I would prefer they didnt know I visit "foxnews" and it pops up in autosuggest when they type a search for "fox" they have learned something about my browsing history. Am I correct or do I not understand something.

In IE9 I can turn off auto suggest so every time I go to the address bar I have to type in the full "" in order to get there. There is no drop down menu. Can I turn off auto suggest? I cant find the setting.

Thank you. Been a long time Chrome user but have become worried about their privacy policies.

Re: auto fill, auto suggest and passwords

Hi alex,
Firstly Sorry, your posts are not gone anywhere once you post, they come for moderation. We don't like moderation of any user's posts either, but "Spam" posts bother this forum.

When you are using Epic browser, do not worry about history or Cache of being stored, We do not leave any trace of them as they are removed once you exit your browser. So keep closing exiting your browser once you are done with your browsing, that keeps away any advertiser or trackers or cookies from tracking you.

Regarding autofill and autosuggest, here is how our concept goes, we have ranked many websites in our local database (which is not based on any one users browsing habit, but by the websites popularity), we ranked them, so when you type word "f", "facebook" being a top website we auto fill it, the next two or three websites that are popular with word "f" comes with search icon below, which is our auto suggest. We apply this concept only till first three letters of the website you are looking, there after autofill or autosuggest gets "off"

In your case foxnews is something that we show from our local database, it is not based on your browsing history or cache or cookies. For now we have not given autosuggest or auto fill configurable from settings page. We shall think on it and will inform you accordingly.

Re: auto fill, auto suggest and passwords

Thank you Sai! I get it now.