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From what I read the browser is meant to clean its sessions on closing and removed history and cookies but this is NOT happening for it is remembering login details even after I click not for this site/never to save login details for the follwoing

#Facebook, on reboot it will forget the facebook details tho
#Gmail, this never forgets no matter what.

I do NOT have chrome installed and never have, I only have IE and Epic on this laptop but what is the point of a browser to leave no trace and not be tracked if it leaves a trace.

It also false to load some websites and if given websites are HTTPs it wont let me disable the proxy to be able to load the website right.

#Fasthost gets stuck in a loop and will never load

I see this happen for many websites when proxy is enabled it gets stuck in a loop but the proxy button just lets you disable it from global i think it says but stays active for that page your on.

Re: Epic Browser remembering things

Hi rexzooly,

If you do not want your login details  not to be saved, please go to settings page in Advanced settings, under passwords and forms uncheck "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web". This will prevent that saving of passwords

We are about to give an update in which this bug shall be fixed.

Some hosting sites might not accept proxy, disable proxy and login to hosting websites. If proxy is not on and you are still having this problem, please give us the URLs, so that we will test and fix this problems.

Thank You

Re: Epic Browser remembering things

Thanks for the reply, also I have found that the chrome updater named epic updater still seeds its self in to the start up tho as I read it does not work it still places it self there.

I will be glad to update soon as your new version is out smile I had problems with disabling the proxy sometimes on this version
Version 31.0.1650.57 (196386).

I will keep a eye on any sites I use and will post any links I having a problem with, but I have them set not to remember already and it still remembers gmail and facebook but it does not always do it, I really enjoy your browser and I hope to see it grow.

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The website I having a big problem with is this website gets stuck in loop with and without proxy I just get a white window and the loading icon on the tab.

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Please forgive my amateurish question.  There is a little red switch on the top right of my screen that reads:  "Click to enable proxy globally".  In layman's terms, what does that mean and should I click it?

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Hi vsbona,

Thanks for writing us. Don't worry about the red icon on right side.
It's one our excellent feature to our Epic Privacy Browser users, which enables proxy, so your real IP address will be hidden to out side world. All the websites you visit will be passed through our proxy server. You can enjoy the anonymity.

Feel free to write us any thing, if you are facing any problems with Epic Privacy Browser.