Topic: BUG: Search engines and extension handling

first of all thanks for trying to keep privacy alive! But i had some trouble with the latest 2445 version:

I used the browser for a while and everything went well, but within the last days the proxy crashed after i started the browser and it was impossible to use it normally like before.
I tried to reinstall the app – removed preferences and profiles in /Application-Support and now it's running again.

My my default search engine was duckduckgo before (i really like the shortcuts) but now the settings shows just "epic" and i couldn't change it again. That's a bug in my opinion cause several search engines were selectable before!
After that I went to the duckduckgo homepage and clicked on "add to browser" -> "install chrome extension" and BOOM i installed the extension! This is the far more critical bug i discovered as epic should disable all (external) extensions…

Now i got my search engine running – but definitely not the way it should work!

Re: BUG: Search engines and extension handling

Thank you joern for reporting these bugs. We're going to launching update soon that blocks extensions and that should improve the proxy stability.

We hope to add more search engines like DDG soon -- sorry we don't support them for now.  We'll keep working to make Epic and Epic's Search both better -- thanks again as always.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Re: BUG: Search engines and extension handling

Hi Joern,

Please upgrade to latest Epic and do let us know if you are still able to add duckduckgo extension.

Thank You