Topic: Closed Tab Recovery

There are many ways that tabs opened in Epic can be recovered
1: Pinned tabs are still present on restart
2: When you are asked if you would like to restore pages after a force close, all your previous tabs are opened.

Re: Closed Tab Recovery

Yes, glad you pointed it out as we thought about removing them/other such features -- we've allowed some functions, almost all only at user-behest, which would store some data about a user's online activities.

These including password saving, bookmarking, pinning tabs, entering new tab page links -- these are all by the user so he/she knows what's being saved.  We also support restore tabs if the browser closes unexpectedly. 

From user testing, we found users strongly wanted these features even though they did leak potentially some browsing habit data.

Keep sharing your thoughts / opinions!

Re: Closed Tab Recovery

Looks like when Epic auto-upgarded, it reset my start folders to blank.  And there is no option to restore from previously closed tabs that is available in Chrome.  This is such a useful feature.  I had set specific tabs as start folders and these are no longer available - either as bookmarks or anywhere else.  If you are going to mess with user settings, you should at least give an option to roll back your changes or save the present settings.  This is annoying.

Re: Closed Tab Recovery

Sorry about that, you are correct, we should not have messed with what you had set in your start folders. 

Can you send more details on the locations of the start folders and how you had set them?  Was it "set this set of webpages on open of Epic"?  Or did you edit some folders manually?

Any details you can provide will help us correct this so we don't reset the data in future updates. 

Thanks as always for your feedback & support, and letting us know what we're doing well & what we need to do better.