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I would like to download and build the source code.

I couldn't find a source page on the site.

Please let me know where can I get the code from.



Re: Source Code

Write me directly for any files -- alok at hiddenreflex dot com -- we hope to get everything up in a repo soon, sorry for delays.

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Hi Alok,

It's been over half a year I wrote to ask if the web browser was really open source and if so, where I could find the source code.

The answer was as you gave above but as you can understand, it is difficult to ask the specific file when you really want to look at the implementation of the application to generically comprovar actually takes what is said (one of the great advantages has the open source: Security).

I will, therefore, also waiting for you go up the code in a repository. GitHub would be a good proposal and whether they would fit many files.

Re: Source Code

Sorry again, there are a few issues preventing us from releasing all the source, but it's certainly all visible / audit-able.  We hope to resolve those issues and release the code soon.  Thanks for your support.