Topic: RSS feed reader

I really depend on RSS feeds for my work, and appreciate having them in the browser. If third-party plug-ins (e.g. Feedly, NewsBlur) pose too much exposure for security, could we please have an integral RSS reader in Epic?

Epic is a great product, and I understand the emphasis is on privacy, but I'd like to second the suggestion I've seen in other threads about allowing users to allow use of extensions locally. I also understand the default search engine relates to your revenue stream, but having a choice of other privacy-minded search providers (DuckDuckGo, Ixquick, etc.) is also very important to me -- important enough to pay for an Epic license, if that's what it would take.

Thank you!

Re: RSS feed reader

Thanks so much for your support and the detailed feedback!

Good point on the RSS reader...we'll reach out to the third party plug-ins and see what their commitment to privacy is and how they work (feel free to do so as well -- my email is alok at hiddenreflex dot com, you can cc me)

Regarding other search engines, we're talking to them -- but search privacy is quite important so we've been a bit cautious in moving forward.  More coming on this very soon! 

We are exploring lots of ways to keep Epic going in terms of revenues...more coming on that soon, we definitely need your support!