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Topic: Odd HomePage


Since the new update I have trouble with my custom search boxes on the homepage.


Note on the duckduckgo box it shows my homepage and on the google.co.uk(bottom 2nd from right) box it shows epic search.

When I first start epic this does not happen, only after I stat searching.

Sometimes it will show previous websites I have visited as well in the box I have just used.

The box on the bottom right should show the anonymouse searchpage but this has disappeared, although clicking the box still takes me there.

Reinstalled epic but problem still occurs.

Re: Odd HomePage

We have taken a note of this bug, we shall get back to you soon with an update.

Thank You

Re: Odd HomePage

One way to solve this just right click on the dial and click edit, save it and visit the website. It should work.

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Re: Odd HomePage


Hi, I tried that and it does not work.

As you can see in the duckduckgo box it now has an image of a previous website I visited and the ixquick box shows my homepage.

Also, after I switched my computer and internet off I went back online later to find my homepage displaying in the boxes the last visited website.

I have been closing epic properly.

Re: Odd HomePage

Any news on this?

The search boxes on the home page are still displaying previous web pages.

Re-installed and changed addresses in the boxes but to no avail.

Re: Odd HomePage

Sorry about that.  What's happened is that it took a thumbnail image of the site after sometime and by chance you had the new tab page open.  We should when you delete the dial, delete the thumbnail image of the site, but that's not happening.  We'll fix this. 

In the meantime, it looks odd of course, but it is going to duckduckgo when you click on the dial?

By the way, we strongly suggest you use epicsearch.in for private searches ;-)!

Re: Odd HomePage


When I click the dials it does take me to the entered urls so they do work in that respect smile

PS I do use Epicsearch most of the time but my wife likes Duckduckgo(have not converted her yet) smile:)

Re: Odd HomePage

This problem has not happened for a while now.

Thanks for help and keep up the good work smile:)