Topic: epic uses firefox plugins?

If I visit sites such as or using the epic browser they are able to see all of my firefox plugins and extensions, mime types, font support etc.  All the things that browser finger fingerprinting relies upon. This even happens when I set epic as my default browser.  Why is this?

Re: epic uses firefox plugins?

Epic doesn't prevent the possibility of browser fingerprinting at this point.  Making fingerprinting impossible is a tough problem but something we're working on.

Epic does block many fingerprinting scripts. 

In terms of seeing your firefox plugins, the same or a similar set of plugins usually gets picked up by mozilla and chromium based browsers.  Also, the sites may be accessing system fonts (the same set of fonts) via Flash or Java plugins.

Not sure about how they can see your firefox extensions if you're loading the sites in Epic?!  We'll investigate.

Re: epic uses firefox plugins?

There is still branding of Chrome in the web kit what would be nice to be changed to report epic

User agent also should state epic but is still says Chrome, sorry but you been working on this software long enough now yes been private is good but lying about the browser you are is also bad.


I hope Epic will make sure there browser will become part of the leaders and make sure there branding will become in place.


Re: epic uses firefox plugins?

We use the Chrome user-agent actually to avoid being "unique" -- Epic is used by tens of thousands of people everyday, but Chrome is still in the hundreds of millions (we hope to grow that big!!), so we use the Chrome user-agent so that our users can "fit in the crowd" and not look unique when they browse!!