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Problem #1: the fact this forum does not update our latest comment immediately is confusing. Sometimes, I don't know whether my post has reached your server or not, because this forum is not updated within seconds.

Problem #2: Persistent issue from earlier releases of Epic. Sometimes, we do now want Epic to block ads. Unfortunately, Epic under Mac seems to be a byproduct of Windows and is, often, lagging behind in terms of usability. For instance, it is not possible to deactivate ad blocking when going to Umbrella button. The switch remains constantly on "Yes" even though we clicked on "No". Very frustrating. Again, better to be a Windows User than a Mac user. Very frustrating and this issue is now very irritating to the point that I'm beginning to ask myself if it's still worth using Epic as a Mac User!

Problem #3: Persistent issue. Again. Still not solved from earlier releases. Your proxy. I do NOT want to use it and still, Epic forgets my Mac network settings where I have input my own proxy address. For unknown reasons, Epic forget this settings and revert back to Epic's own proxy settings after a certain amount of use of Epic. I have previously highlighted this issue in this forum. But, apparently, the reason probably lies behind I'm a Mac user! No one cares, obviously. Clicking on "Disable Epic Proxy" is not working thus. BTW, I need to click twice this button as this button is not working properly. So, a few times a day, I find myself clicking on this button "Disable Epic Proxy" because Epic reverts back to its own proxy. The problem with Epic if it does not like any third-party web filtering system installed on a Mac.

So, I'm very frustrated about these issues. Is someone going to solve those issues once and for all?

Epic is EXCELLENT, but folks, when are you going to make Mac Epic as good as Win Epic?

Thank you,


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Hi Palafox,

Firstly very sorry for the inconvenience.

Problem 1 is issue of forum. Our forum is moderated due to spam bots that keep posting lot of unwanted links and posts.

Problem 2 is  a known issue for us on Umbrella button on both Windows/Mac which we are working on a solution for this. Apart from this may we know what usability issues you are facing on Epic (Mac).

Problem 3  This issue we  have fixed almost two updates back,  Can you please let us know what issue are you facing here? I can help you resolve this issue immediately.

Thank You

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Hello Sai,

thanks for your prompt answer. Now, I understand about the syncing aspect of the forum. For the problem 2, I was feeling (as it's been the case for me) that functionality or reliability of an app running on Mac is not as good as the version running on Windows. Typical example: WebEx and GoToMeeting. This irritates me a lot. We pay the same price as Windows users and still the experience is far less optimal than being on a Windows platform; reasons: missing features! So, that's why I have such an automated reaction when I use an app (also available on Windows) that keeps showing the same bug through subsequent versions. Since, there are a ton of Windows users, it would nearly make sense to not care about the little Mac community. Still in connexion with issue #2, Epic is absolutely perfect for me. The “lack of usability" I mentioned in my earlier post was in connexion with that Umbrella button : not very useful, as I no longer use it! Since the main switch (for me, at least)—that is, yes/no for ad blocking—is not working. But, maybe, because English is not my mother language, I may have expressed myself not correctly. Other than this, Epic has far enough features for me. I don't even care (only for myself of course) about showing PDFs or not inside Epic. I automatically save the PDF (not showing, obviously) by going to the Epic's File menu. I'm a simple guy, not fussy, not too simplistic though. I only complain to make Epic THE very best tool for browsing the web. Of course, I'm very grateful to you and your team and, from my humble view, you make a fantastic job. You should be decorated for helping people being more protected against privacy violation. However, when I have to say something, I say it in the best possible diplomatic way…

Issue 3: (I'll get back to you later)

See you soon and thank you again for following up through my posts.

All the best,


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Thanks You lot Raphael,

Its great pleasure for us to serve our users.

Let me see logging with Epic onto these websites on Issue 2.


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Issue 3.

I make sure “Disable Epic Proxy” is properly ticked. This suggests that Epic falls back to my basic network configuration set under OS X System Preferences. In there, through the Network panel and its corresponding Proxy tabs, I have my local web filtering proxy set to both for HTTP and HTTPS.

For reasons not known to me, Epic tries to return to is own proxy after a “certain amount of use of Epic”, thus disregarding my proxy. I can see this, because there's a red “something” next to the “star” icon.  When I say “certain amount of use”, it's a very vague way to tell you that the problem might also be linked to some specific websites. Maybe, Epic is triggered to return to its own proxy when a specific website visit or action is taken. I don't know. But the fact remains: I need to return to Epic Parameters and tick again “Disable Epic Proxy” after this “certain amount of use”.

That's the explanation, hopefully detailed enough.

Thanks again for your answer.


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Thanks Raphael, I'll test this scenario on  one of our Mac  and keep it on for some time and will see if this problem is still persisting.

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Thanks very much for doing the test on your end.

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Hi palafox, we have tried till today, the proxy extension still keeps our proxy details. Anyway, Ill still put the Epic few more days and see.

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Hello Sai. Thanks for your patience and keeping me posted. Then, I guess it's probably my own “configuration” that's causing the trouble. I should have mentioned earlier, but I'm on “Mountain Lion”. Great weekend to you!


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Hi Palafox, Please check the umbrella button settings now, it should be working on both Mac and Windows.