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A month or so ago, I discovered that some html docments that I'd received as email in Mac OS X "Mavericks" email, when "printed to PDF" (an option not available in Windows Outlook) would actually split characters at the bottom margin of a page and display the lower half of those characters at the top of the next page in the PDF (on screen or when printed).

One suggestion given to me was to bypass Apple's "Quartz" rendering engine by attempting to view the material in Chrome and print it or convert it to PDF from there. Based on my assumption that "Epic is Chrome with likely security holes left out" I tried to do this in Epic, but could not. A correspondent said he COULD in Google's Chrome, so I downloaded Chrome and discovered that Chrome has a native print engine in addition to Apple's.

Is there some reason that the Google Chrome print engine is not part of the Epic browser?

Thanks so much,
Jim Robertson

Re: Printing from Epic

Hi jimrobertson,

Thanks for writing us.

Yes, As of now we don't have built in pdf viewer. But if your system has some pdf viewer plugins like Nitro PDF plugin for Firefox and Chrome, Epic will detect these plugins and helps you to view and print web content.

We are bit worried about adding chrome's pdf viewer , it may leads to compromise the privacy.

Out team experimented few of the pdf plugins. We Will come with some alternative a.s.a.p.

Re: Printing from Epic

Hi Jim,

Chrome does have a native print engine which is not open source (i.e. it's not part of chromium).  So Epic has to use O.S. print dialogs.