Topic: Show Latest Version on Epic HOME web page

I am not a big fan of auto updating anything, I prefer to update when I want to.

I've turned Epic auto update off in Task Schedular & other auto start software.

It would be NICE to see the version that is being offered for download on YOUR home page.
Then I could make the decision whether to update or not.

I'm using Version 38.0.2125.111 (290621) and I too cannot get the proxy server to connect on Epic starting.
It takes sometimes 4 tries to get it to properly start.

Google is my home page with this version of Epic.

I'm using win 8.1 Pro on a desktop


Google is my homepage in this version of Epic also.

On my win 7 ( ultimate ) machine (Desktop) I have blocked YOUR auto updates.
My firewall (Zone Alarm Pro) shows Epic updater constantly trying to connect to the internet ( It is BLOCKED )

I am using Epic Version 38.0.2125.101 (290621) and it loads up the proxy server on every start. IT works GREAT!