Topic: Things which Epic browser needs immediately

Hi all,

This is a excellent browser and developers did a good job. But it lacks few things which most of the mainstream browsers are providing with regards to privacy...

1. Search engine customization:

Please I request the developers to do something about it. I cannot add any other privacy search engine.

2. Privacy and security addons which this browser lacks:

WOT, Self-destructing cookies, Noscript, Procon latte content filter,flashblock, imglikeopera

3. Download managers

Download them all

These are the things which this browser lacks seriously.....

Re: Things which Epic browser needs immediately

Thanks, great feedback!!

1 -- we're working on it.  the problem is that the so-called other privacy search engines we're having difficulties trusting them, we're talking to them though. 

in the meantime, use any search engine by typing in the address bar (bit of a pain, sorry!)

2 -- good recommendations!!  some you mentioned it's interesting to note are NOT private like WOT -- WOT is a great addon but then all your browsing passes through their servers, but it's interesting because it increases security.  so sometimes security and privacy are at odds.  they want a licensing fee for private data which we can't afford right now (they provide data to chrome users for free :-( ). 

for flashblock & noscript, you have some controls in the settings on this. 

3 -- ahh, yes, but i don't know if download them all works for chrome?