Topic: User Agent and fingerprinting


In Epic, if I check with Panopticlick, the User Agent is in the open for anybody to see.  This makes Panopticlick see my browser as unique.

In any other chrome based browser where I can install extensions such as Change HTTP Request Header (and there are another 2 I haven't tried), Panopticlick sees a blank line where the User Agent was. That means that instead of being seen as 1 out 6 million, now it is seen as 1 out of 300000 browsers.  Sure, with no javascript in both situations. It's not much but is a step in the right direction, and if many will do this it will only get better.

Are you looking into this to stop Epic show the User Agent? Thanx

Re: User Agent and fingerprinting

The problem with blocking the user-agent data is that a lot of websites will break if we block it.  We'll continue to use a common user-agent, usually from chrome, to keep everyone anonymous.  Don't worry...hundreds of thousands of Epic users all over the world have the same user agent!