Topic: Close Tab no longer working?

I just installed Version 49.0.2575.0 (64-bit) and have found that CMD+W no longer closes the current tab.  Instead, it closes the window - all open tabs.  In fact, the Close Tab option is grayed out in the File menu.  Closing the active tab is second nature to browsing with tabs...was removing that option an oversight?  An error unique to my machine?  Something I can teak in a hidden setting?


Re: Close Tab no longer working?

We'll have a fix out for this in a day or two, thanks for reporting it!!

Re: Close Tab no longer working?

Fixed!!  Close Epic / re-open Epic to get the notice for the update.

(yes, sorry about that, oversight!  thanks as always for reporting issues with Epic, it helps us keep making Epic well more epic!!)