Topic: Privacy web access

When will Epic provide full access to clear-net, onion and dark sites in the Privacy Web?

Current Epic access to Privacy Web is improved greatly over Tor, in that Tor is being dragged to its virtual knees by dirty tactics like CloudFlare (Akamai 'research' project, re-routed as a censorship tool, with a good dose of Turkish military propaganda, excessively pro Christian-Jew crusaders in Region 3 naturally). For now, Google's Epic seems above that racist-whatever fray. Sort of like Codi's latest disconnected effort, pun intended. However, for unknown reasons, Epic is either reluctant to open some sites and downright refuses other sites in the privacy Web.

Countless oddities appear when Epic enters Privacy Web with Tor. When I pass Clear Net addresses from Tor (blocked) to Epic, Epic opens those sites without difficulty. True, Epic is unable to locate Privacy Web sites in Google Search and in Epic Search. On the other hand, many sites found with various search engines in Tor, even those blocked from Tor Access, are easily opened by Epic. Though a kinky epicsearch.in detour may be required. It would be much easier if epicsearch.in stopped censoring Privacy Web.

In fact, Epic is almost indispensable as a Clear Net research supplement to Tor. Sadly, Epic runs into a brick wall, when it tries to parse many onion sites. Browsing through the UC Privacy Web, it seems that there is a large group of dark web sites on campus that Epic cannot open. Older outdated onions? Puh-lease!

Cannot open implies in some cases strange Epic behaviour. For example Torch onion search xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion will not always open in Epic (sometimes it will). So instead of opening Torch, Epic searches for the Torch onion address using epicsearch.in, with an accessible link to Torch onion search as the first result! Though I must admit, yesterday Torch search was already directly accessed by Epic. When I tried to open a second Torch window, the epicsearch.in result would not open. Only one instance of certain Privacy Web sites?

Today, Epic is voluntarily lifting only a very few Privacy Web search results. So, while Epic feels like a good start, it is not all there yet. Is the plan to extend or remove existing Privacy Web censorship? When will all the epicsearch.in Privacy Web censorship be removed?

A settings option to include Privacy Web might help. Default setting, "Include"?
--- NOTES ---
Most of Privacy Web is very legal and interesting content, typically shielded behind not-if-porn-etc exceptions c/o the nigger-hater we all know who denizens of digital perversion.
--- The following sites can be accessed from Epic.
https://epicsearch.in/search?pno=1& … Findex.php 
ODD SSL, Locates a ton of sites it cannot open...
OK SSL, enabling search and global access to Tor's onion sites
OK SSL, Torch Search, results may not be accessible in Epic
OK SSL, Ahmia Search, results may not be accessible in Epic
--- The following sites cannot be accessed from Epic.
OOPS, Candle Search, not allowed
OOPS, Not Evil Search, not allowed
OOPS, Duck-Duck Search, not allowed
--- I wanted to include a catagory of Epic-not-Tor for academic search tools, but Epic blocks every academic search tool indexed in Tor ---
--- end NOTES ---