Topic: Issues with youtube comments while logged in.

When i try and read youtube comments on youtube and when i expand a comment section, it gets all scrambled.
(That is when i am logged in, not when i browse normaly. I do not know why that is. I have issues with other browsers also with youtube comments, and i have not found any solution to it. I have no clue. It is not scrambled like epic, but it is some issues with youtube sometimes.)

Anyways. I cant read anything with epic in the comments. Why is that? And can you coders fix it? Would be cool. Thanks for a good browser!
Keep it up. Peace out

Re: Issues with youtube comments while logged in.

Thanks.  Are you on Windows or Mac?  Strange error...probably close/re-open Epic or your system.  It may be your system is low on RAM or HD cache memory.

YouTube comments work fine for us.