Topic: Awesome browser! But youtube comments while logged in is scrambled.

Hi. Loving this browser. It is like the most stable i have tried...
Almost. Plus the privacy part. This should be the default browser for most. wink

Anyways. When i tread youtube comments while logged out, and expand the comment section, i see the comments fine.
When i are logged in and expand the browser comments in a conversation it gets all scrambled and overlaying on one another.
Why is that, and how do i fix it? Or if you awesome coders can fix it.

Keep it up! Peace!

Does this browser protect in any way like firefox and noscript would? Guess not... Noscript can be to secure sometimes, but a middle ground is good. Like 0day attacks, etc... Protection against drive-by malware..

Re: Awesome browser! But youtube comments while logged in is scrambled.

Thanks so much for your support!  We agree just about everyone should make it their default browser :-). 

YouTube comments work fine for us.  It sounds like your issue may be related to HD storage/RAM getting used up.  Please restart your system and try YouTube comments in Epic again.

You can via Epic's settings block/allow scripts on different webpages as well -- it's very difficult these days to block javascript though since almost every website uses it so it would "break the internet" effectively unless you set up a large whitelist.  That's why we don't use noscript in Epic.