Topic: My proxy won't turn on (being approved)

The Epicproxy symbol is red.  When I click on it (right or left click) it goes away.  On my wifes computers I can select it and turn it on.  What is happening?


Re: My proxy won't turn on (being approved)

This is strange!  Please try clicking "Reset Epic" at the bottom of Epic's settings page.  Then close/re-open Epic.  See if this gets your proxy working properly.

Re: My proxy won't turn on (being approved)

Also my epic proxy stop working before 3 days i try to make reset Epic but still the same

i try another computer and the same

i make uninstall and install again still not working when i open the proxy it show me connected and green
but when i try to open any page i got this error

No data received


Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.