Topic: See Trackers Blocked

Under - See Trackers Blocked I click on View, nothing open. Any suggestion why is not working. I would love to see who is trying to track me.......

Actually, I was going to use that to promote your browser.
Basically showing everyone who is trying to track me just in one day since I have been using EB.
Wouldn't that be great showing and proof?

Re: See Trackers Blocked

Actually we show a bunch of the trackers that we've blocked (if it disappears too quickly, you can click on the umbrella button then click on "See trackers blocked").  But we're unable to identify all the trackers we've blocked as these companies keep using new, obscured domains that are gibberish so we're unable to track who owns which domains!  This is why Epic will often say 14 trackers blocked without naming them.

Re: See Trackers Blocked

Would LOVE by the way for you to promote the extent of online tracking as well as Epic -- thanks so much for your support!  Lots of users have tweeted or posted to facebook screenshots of 20 or 40 or more trackers that have been blocked at a particular website.