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PLEASE give us the option to remove the multiple tabs warning. We do not need you to ensure that we don't accidentally close our tabs and lose our history. I don't want my history. That is precisely why I'm using this browser.

Please, we have been asking for this option for years. It would be easy to add a simple checkbox on the options page to turn off the warning.

For new users coming over from Chrome who are not used to this warning, it is a major turn off, and for many a dealbreaker. I tried Epic three times and gave up on it three times because this warning is so ridiculously annoying. And it is even more ridiculous that there is no option to turn it off. It makes your browser feel like a shoddy, second rate app.

Yes, I know that's just my subjective opinion and you and your internal group debates have concluded otherwise. But a lot of people share my opinion, and you are losing a significant amount of business because of this.

Just give us the option, then everyone will be happy!

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We'll keep this in mind -- thanks as always for your feedback.  Everything seems simple, but adding a change to the settings means more support for a feature that maybe only you really need/want -- very few people tweak any we'll have to continue to wait on this but thanks as always for your feedback!

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Bump.. smile

I rerequest you to take this up first..

I'll share about epic on facebook n whatsapp if you do this. wink

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This, so much, forced warning messages are nothing but spam.

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To the Epic Programmers in Bangalore:  I program and the close multiple tabs warning is ridiculous.  I am COMPLETELY aware of having multiple tabs open and don't need to be told by Epic about it!  And it does NOT cost you lots to change the code a little as you have said. Nor are your investors gonna' be pissed. Just look in the routine that covers closing the browser and take out that little bit of code that you think is so cool.  Don't get me wrong (misunderstand).  I think privacy is NOT a dead concept and I am glad you have done what you have done and I like your browser... BTW I have now TOR, Epic, Safari (which I don't use), and Firefox on this laptop.  There's a Macbook down here and a PC upstairs (which I don't use much since it's Vista (no comments)) but Microsoft and Google have, in their hurry to make bucks, stopped supporting it.  Buy a newer "modern" computer even if you don't need one!

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I support this - the warning for multiple tabs is useless. It really comes across as old school and not what I would call a "feature" - He is not alone in needing the fix. Make the default "off" for this - and folks can turn it on if they must have it.  then you have yourself a "feature" -

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Thanks so much for the feedback!  Great that you're all enjoying Epic on the whole!!  There were just as many complaints of losing tabs / work when we didn't have this.  We added it simply because there's no browsing history to go back to in Epic...when it's closed, it's all gone!  Will continue to consider other options for this though.