Topic: The installer runs all the time?

Why is the installer running all the time? Sometimes several installers runs simultaneously.

Sometimes Epic freezes and it can only be closed via the taskmonitor.


Re: The installer runs all the time?

The installer runs all the time is a behavior we inherited from Chromium that we're not that happy about :-(.  It 's basically a listener to hear if there are any updates.

There shouldn't be more than one though!  Epic on open will have many processes as different Epic functions and every tab is a separate process.

The freezing issue is related to some Win10 systems!  This will solve it:
in Epic's settings, go to the bottom "Advanced",
then go to the bottom of the page "Hardware acceleration", uncheck that.

That's you should be able to always close Epic without issue!

Re: The installer runs all the time?

Is this why in the last day or so Epic is back to its old trick of placing icons on the desktop and the taskbar every time the computer is booted up?

I am running Win7 Home Premium and this has happened before but was thought to be solved for many months.

Re: The installer runs all the time?

We also don't know.  Sorry about idea why the icons are coming back.

Please let us know when you installed Epic.  This is strange!  We'll work to solve this, thanks for letting us know!

Re: The installer runs all the time?

Pressing windows + R
keying msconfig
enter and then click startup you will found it so you will stop that now

also you can just call taskmgr kill it

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