Topic: SONAR.Module!gen3 Threat?

My Norton Security quarantined the following files as "SONAR.Module!gen3" threat:

ru.dll, te.dll, and da.dll

Files were located in the following directory:

C:\Users\{user-name}\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Application\\Locales

Anyone at Epic care to help me on this?

Can the files not required under the Locales folder be deleted as well?
(In my case keeping the "en-US.dll" & "en-US.pak" files)

Thank you

Re: SONAR.Module!gen3 Threat?

Sorry for the delayed response.  Looks like you can delete the other files not required - I tested this out on my Windows epic (deleted several language files not in use) & everything looks to be working fine. 

Please let us know if you get other notifications from Norton or any other a-v - we're sending this over to them to correct by the way.

Re: SONAR.Module!gen3 Threat?

Btw, what OS are you on?  If you could send us a screenshot that would be great too, post here or email to me (alok at hiddenreflex dot com).  Thanks!!  We sent your report to Norton/Symantec, but they couldn't reproduce the error?!

Re: SONAR.Module!gen3 Threat?

I sent you an email.

Re: SONAR.Module!gen3 Threat?

Thanks so much, got it - wrote Norton/Symantec again with that error and sent them the screenshots.  I'll let you know if they resolve it or what happens.

Thanks as always for your feedback & helping make Epic better!