Topic: Crypto Currency Mining.

I have recently installed Epic after many years of use of main stream browsers. Before I did this, I had used some privacy focused browsers like Brave, SR Ware IRon. Epic does helps a lot in terms of privacy and have good reviews coming from Tech experts.
I have one issue which I have faced is, when I use certain websites my laptop would slow down, as soon as I have closed them, its running perfectly.

Is there a way to block Crypto Currency Mining on Epic ? Below are some extensions for Firefox and Chrome. … n-browser/

Why Epic does not release its code ? Aviator browser failed after releasing its code, which makes some people like me worried.
Have you ever had your software put to test by Independent Security experts ?

In the end, I would like to thank you for your efforts and the team. Epic does have resolved some of my issues and I want it to be the best browser on market.